REVO Systems

REVO Accelerated Curing Systems offer the fastest curing time in the industry for both prep and paint processes. Repair cycle time is shortened and rework is significantly reduced thanks to the high quality, complete cure REVO Systems always deliver.

All REVO Systems are backed by the expert reliability, service and support from industry leader Global Finishing Solutions.

REVO Product Family

REVO Systems can significantly increase your paint shop throughput. Easy to operate and install, REVO Systems save time and improve results. With multiple models designed to fit a variety of needs, there’s a solution to start saving you time and money immediately.

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REVO Speed

The fast positioning of REVO Speed makes this premium model best suited for body shops that perform large volumes of average repairs on one to four panels. It can accommodate all sizes of passenger vehicles including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, as well as factory lifted trucks.

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REVO Rapid

REVO Rapid is designed for full panel repairs or body shops with space restrictions. The REVO Rapid is available on an overhead rail system (OR2) and on a mobile cart with wheels (MC2). Both models feature dual sensors to safely and efficiently cure coatings on two different substrates simultaneously.

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The single cassette REVO Spot is a great solution for quickly curing small surfaces. It can be effortlessly moved into any paint booth, prep station or virtually any other area in a shop.

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REVO Handheld

REVO Handheld is lightweight and features an ergonomic handle, making it the ideal tool for rapidly curing filler, primer and clear coat. There are no special power requirements, the unit simply connects to any 110-volt outlet. Extended panels stay cool to the touch and allow the unit to be placed on the ground without damaging the lamp or burning the floor.

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