Driven by a need to maximize limited floor space and reduce curing times, infrared curing has gained popularity in the automotive industry. Shorter cure or dry times also decreases the risk of dust or other contaminants impacting the quality of the finish.

Some collision repair centers can benefit from adding REVO Accelerated Curing Systems to their paint process without expanding their footprint. For collision centers with high-production needs, it is recommended to add the REVO Rapid or Speed to your paint booth or prep area. For collision repair centers just starting up or expecting an increased production rate in the future, it is suggested to purchase REVO-ready equipment. This includes high-quality, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) paint booths that are equipped and ready for REVO Systems to be installed at a later date.

Discover REVO Rapid

The Ultimate Tool for Paint and Prep

Designed for full-panel repairs or collision repair centers with space restrictions, the REVO Rapid features two cassettes and dual sensors. The temperature sensors on each cassette automatically adjust the intensity of the lamps to maintain a consistent temperature. This ensures that you never overcure or undercure a coating.

REVO rapid infrared curing

The REVO Rapid model is perfect for smaller, quick repair jobs of one to two panels. It can reach any part of a vehicle, and can safely and efficiently cure primer on 2 panels in less than 11 minutes. REVO Rapid is ideal in prep areas and Global Finishing Solutions’ Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booths.

Discover REVO Speed

The Ultimate Tool to Cut Paint Time in Half

Complete body filler through clear coat in under 1 hour with REVO Speed. Excelling in quick lane repair facilities, the REVO Speed cures body filler, primer, base coat and clear coat all in one place. It is best suited for collision repair centers that complete large volumes of average repairs on one to four panels. The REVO Speed has a vehicle clearance of 7 feet, and can accommodate all sizes of passenger vehicles.

REVO Speed is ideal in conjunction with a Side-Load Finishing System from Global Finishing Solutions to maximize production. The vehicles move easily on an integrated track and dolly system between work bays. The integrated REVO Speed can then be positioned and moved between bays for increased efficiency.

Whether your goal is to increase revenue or improve the quality of your repairs, consider adding REVO Accelerated Curing Systems to your process from start to refinish. It has been proven that short wave electric infrared curing technology leads to quality improvements, throughput gains and energy cost savings. With multiple models of infrared curing units available, there is a solution to start saving you time and money immediately. Which model is right for you?

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