Every auto body shop can benefit from speeding up their processes. REVO Accelerated Curing Systems offer the fastest curing time in the industry, while increasing quality and reducing rework. The smaller members of the REVO Systems family — the REVO Spot and REVO Handheld — are specifically designed to increase throughput throughout body repair, primer and prep. The result is getting more cars to your paint department each day.

Discover REVO Handheld

The Ultimate Tool for Body Repairs

Run your body shop more efficiently with the REVO Handheld. The REVO Handheld is the smallest of the REVO Systems family, and is an immensely versatile and adaptable tool. It helps speed up processes and increases quality along the way, quickly allowing you to recoup your investment.

REVO Handheld

The large heating area of the REVO Handheld relieves stress around the damaged plastic parts, allowing your technicians to complete fast plastic repairs, which is a very time-consuming task with a heat gun. Heat a damaged bumper to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in only 10-20 seconds with the REVO Handheld. Then, just pop out the dent.

Also perfect for drying body filler, the REVO Handheld completes this task in only a couple of minutes. Immediately after, you are ready to use a high-quality, 2k primer. Curing in 5-10 minutes with the REVO Handheld, it is then ready to sand.  Use the Handheld to then cure the base and clear coat within minutes. This process cuts hours of spot repairs to 30 minutes or less!

There are no special power requirements for the REVO Handheld. Simply plug into any 110-volt outlet, and switch on and start using — there is no warm-up period needed.

Discover REVO Spot

The Ultimate Tool for Primer and Filler

Cure 2- to 4-hour primer in 6 to 8 minutes with the REVO Spot. The time savings easily get you at least one more car to your paint department per day. The REVO Spot is available on a rolling cart, and can be effortlessly moved into virtually any area in your body shop.

The REVO Spot is a single-cassette infrared curing system — a great solution for quickly curing 3-foot-by-3-foot areas. Used on body filler as well as spray-on and roll-on primer, the temperature sensor automatically adjusts the intensity of the lamps to maintain a consistent temperature. Regardless of the substrate underneath, the temperature sensors ensure that you never overcure or undercure a coating.

It has been proven that short wave electric infrared curing technology leads to quality improvements, throughput gains and energy cost savings. With multiple models of infrared curing units available, there is a solution to start saving you time and money immediately. Which model is right for you?

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