“The service and support is amazing. And with parts readily available, I trust that the REVO Systems will pay for themselves.”

When Tiffany Silva bought new technology for her auto body shop in 2017, she knew she was buying more than paint booths and curing systems. She was establishing a long-lasting relationship with an innovative company and its vast support system.

“Most booths will serve their purpose — providing a space for painting vehicles — but if something goes wrong with the booth, how soon can I be back up and running?” questioned Silva, who owns Accurate Auto Body in Richmond, California, with her husband, Dan Silva, and her father, Edward Cichon.

The excellent service and timely support of Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) has given the family peace of mind following its transition from a 28-year-old paint booth to two GFS Ultra® Paint Booths and two REVO Accelerated Curing Systems.

Specializing in collision repair of late-model vehicles, Accurate Auto Body now averages 35 jobs per week with Ultra XR and Ultra XP1 Paint Booths featuring the REVO Speed and REVO Rapid — short wave electric infrared systems that cure filler, primer, sealer and paint from the inside out with only one pass per coating.

“Having two spray booths allows for more work to be processed,” Tiffany Silva said. “The REVO Systems really expedite repairs without sacrificing quality. We had an IRT light before, but it was nothing like what these short wave infrared units can do.”

With GFS equipment, even same-day repairs are possible.

“We had a customer who came in on a Friday and wanted his car back before the weekend. We had to replace a rear door, which required a blend on the front door and a blend on the quarter panel, which is a very large repair,” Silva added. “With the Ultra Paint Booth and REVO Systems, we were able to fully paint, cure and polish his car in 5 ½ hours — he drove away happy at 5:30 that evening.”

Silva credits GFS distributor Joel Smith, of Precision for Collision in Roseville, California, for assisting with her shop’s relocation. Accurate Auto Body has since built a new 27,000-square-foot building at its current headquarters.

“Joel is amazing, and so is his entire team,” Silva said. “They helped us with the move, the layout and the design of the shop — all the way through to permits and installation.”

The backing of GFS gives Silva confidence in the future of Accurate Auto Body.

“The service and support from GFS is amazing,” Silva said. “And with parts readily available, I trust that the investment will pay for itself.”

Another owner of a family-run auto body shop, Pat Mulroy, of Mulroy’s Body Shop, chose an Ultra XR Paint Booth and REVO Speed from GFS for his new location in Minneapolis in 2017. Mulroy acknowledged that other paint booth and infrared curing companies didn’t offer local support or wouldn’t retrofit a new booth into his shop’s existing footprint, like GFS did. They received help every step of the way from GFS distributor Jim LeFever, of Auto Refinish Solutions (ARS).

“We received bonafide architectural drawings of the booth and where it would go in the shop, which we were able to take to our contractor, electrician and HVAC expert. It also made the permitting process go so much smoother,” said Mulroy, who owns the 57-year-old business with his wife, Donna. His son and daughter, Tim and Carrie, run the day-to-day operations.

Compared to Pat Mulroy’s gas-powered infrared curing system, the REVO Speed requires less maintenance and uses less energy. Replacement parts for REVO Systems are also much more accessible. This provides substantial savings for his business. Plus, the increased throughput has been immeasurable. GFS and ARS trained Mulroy’s technicians on site.

“We are killing it on cycle times,” Mulroy said. “We are able to use less product, see better cycle times and get cars in and out of the paint booth faster. We will see vehicles come in with nearly $2,500 worth of damages, and the customer can wait in the lounge for their car to be totally repaired, painted and cured in three hours.”

REVO Systems provide a fast, complete cure, improving the overall quality of the paint job. By significantly shortening repair cycle time and decreasing rework, the REVO Speed has the potential to increase paint shop throughput by as much as 80 percent.

Do you want to increase throughput by up to 80 percent?

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