“REVO Systems speed it up for everyone on the floor. It’s unbelievably efficient.”

With limited space, Jim Smiciklas knew his 7-year-old auto body and collision repair shop would not be able to continue its rapid growth without implementing more efficient processes.

When Smiciklas and his wife, Renee, moved Express Collision Center to a new location a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip in January 2018, they had only 8,000 square feet to spare. They needed top-of-the-line equipment that could accommodate a smaller footprint, yet still produce a big return. They hit the jackpot with REVO Accelerated Curing Systems from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS).

“I like being on the front end of technology,” said Smiciklas, whose shop handles all makes and models with technicians trained and approved by General Motors, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen. “By the time our competitors catch up, I’ll be retired.”

Express Collision Center has an Ultra® XD Paint Mix Room and two Ultra XR Paint Booths — one fully equipped with the semi-automatic REVO Speed and GFS’ exclusive roof-integrated SpaceSaver® heat system and AdvanceCure® Accelerated Airflow System. A parking garage between the Ultra XR booths allows the REVO Speed to easily move between the booths.

Express Collision Center also uses two mobile REVO units — the REVO Spot and REVO Handheld — in its prep processes, making it a fully-equipped, rapid-cure shop from start to finish. “You have to cure throughout the entire process,” Smiciklas said he learned while testing REVO Systems with Joel Smith at the Precision for Collision training center in Roseville, California. “You can’t just cure at the end to get the same quality. It’s like building a race car and putting recapped tires on it.”

Like Smiciklas, Ian McIntosh needed to make a small space stretch a long way when he opened a Kirmac Collision & Autoglass location in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2015. The REVO Speed eliminated his shop’s bottleneck of cars waiting to be painted.

“The cars would go through the body side fairly efficiently, but once they were ready for prep and paint, the whole thing slowed down,” McIntosh said. “The problem was that the paint booth itself had high periods of usability and other periods where it was waiting for cars to catch up. It wasn’t very efficient. I was looking for a way to shorten up that time in between.”

McIntosh uses REVO Systems primarily for three- to four-panel repair jobs, which make up 80 percent of the jobs at his shop. It took only a year to recoup his investment in REVO Systems.

“It’s a 7,500-square-foot store,” McIntosh said. “I would have needed a 15,000-square-foot store before adding REVO Systems.”

With the REVO Speed, it takes just seven minutes for a freshly applied base coat to dry and only eight minutes for clear coat. The unit reaches curing temperature in less than a second. McIntosh estimates the REVO Speed has reduced their paint booth’s cycle time by 50 percent, while throughput has nearly doubled.

“REVO Systems speed it up for everyone on the floor,” McIntosh said. “It’s unbelievably efficient.”

Do you want to increase throughput by up to 80 percent?

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