GFS’ REVO System Will Improve The Quality Of Your Paint Shop’s Work While Increasing Throughput And Cutting Costs And Wasted Time

Implementing electric infrared technology in your paint shop will increase throughput, decrease cycle time, offer cost savings and improve the quality of work. So, what are you waiting for?

REVO Accelerated Curing Systems from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) uses short wave electric infrared (IR) technology, which provides throughput gains of up to 80 percent, can cut electricity costs by more than $10 per cycle, virtually eliminates rework and decreases the amount of rebuffing.

“You’re going to get a better quality repair in much less time. Not only can shops reduce their key-to-key time to make their insurance partners happy, they can also increase customer satisfaction with a better repair and obviously increase their profit. It’s a win-win-win,” says Brandon Lowder, vice president of auto refinish sales at GFS.

GFS’ REVO System is the best fit for up to 75 percent of the repairs that a shop performs and offers a variety of different setup options — so it’s not necessary to completely overhaul your shop to implement.

How it Works: Short Wave Electric IR Technology

The short wave electric infrared technology that is used in the REVO System is created by using electricity, not gas. It is generated by sending an electrical current to a tungsten filament. This produces mostly short wave energy along with some medium waves. With this type of technology, the drying energy can be concentrated on a specific area, so only the panels that need repair will be heated, saving energy costs. The short wave energy that is produced is able to penetrate multiple layers of filler and coatings to heat the substrate beneath, while the medium waves work to cure the top layers. By doing this, a complete cure is provided from the inside out.

Electric Versus Gas

Electric IR technology improves upon gas-powered IR systems that rely on the flow of natural gas to a catalytic ceramic plate. Gas systems require multiple passes and the need to cure the body filler and primers individually, which can lead to varied results.

Another benefit that the REVO IR System has over gas-powered IR systems is the fact that it heats up to its maximum temperature capacity of 2,000° F at the bulb almost instantly, which means that it can be turned on when needed and turned off almost immediately after it’s done being used. Not only does this cut back on energy costs, it’s also safer than a gas-powered system that tends to be left on all day.

Time and Cost Savings

With the REVO System, priming time is cut down from hours to minutes. The REVO System can cure body filler in two minutes, high build primer surfaces in eight, flash two panels of basecoat in five minutes, and cure two or three panels of clear coat in 11 minutes. After the clear has been cured, the drying process is reduced from up to four hours to around 11 minutes.

The ability to quickly heat up to its maximum temperature will also save shops money. Instead of having to constantly have a gas system on preheat and then turned up before curing, the user simply turns it on and can almost immediately begin the process. That wasted time waiting for the gas system to heat up can add up and end up costing between $10-15 per cycle. The REVO System costs less than 50 cents per cycle. With multiple cycles per day, that’s money savings that can quickly add up.


Shop owners that are overwhelmed at the thought of overhauling their entire shop do not have to worry with GFS’ REVO System. There are different options for a number of different setups and needs:

  • REVO Speed: This is the best choice for body shops that perform large volumes of average repairs, as it was specifically designed for curing large surface areas. It can accommodate all sizes of passenger vehicles and the touchscreen control interface and sonars make it easy to use. The user simply selects the material that is being cured and the shade of the color and the sonars will indicate where to position the unit in relation to the panel and will automatically start the cure cycle and turn off when it’s done. The REVO Speed features semi-automatic operation. Once set in place, the REVO Speed will automatically move along the side of the vehicle or part, which allows for an even cure and makes it easy for the painter to operate.
  • REVO Rapid: This is designed for full-panel repairs or shops with space restrictions. There are two models available on an overhead rail system and two models that are available on wheels. The REVO Rapid is extremely versatile and can be used in either the paint booth or prep area to quickly cure filler or coatings. It can cure parts on or off two vehicles at the same time and, with the premium model, can also be used on two different substrates at the same time. This choice also comes with touchscreen control interface and sonars.
  • REVO Spot: This option was made for quickly curing small surfaces. The REVO Spot is available on an easy-to-maneuver cart, allowing it to easily be moved virtually anywhere in the shop.
  • REVO Handheld: Lightweight with an ergonomic handle, this is the ideal choice for fast spot repairs. In addition to rapidly curing filler, primer and clearcoat, the REVO Handheld can be used to soften glass seals and remove adhesives, among other uses.